Megara Furie

Glasgow Mistress, International Goddess, Owner of The Auld School

UK: 07526655457 International: +447526655457


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Port -A-Domme

Glasgow Mistress Megara has an idea...


Time is tight, you are trapped at home, in the office or in some hotel location with colleagues who will notice if you leave... The yearning to feel the control stripped away from you just won't stop tugging at you... You want this, you need this, you crave this... The need is driving you crazy. Or perhaps you have tried the dungeon setting, the domestic studio and now you angst after Her bursting into your space, your territory and making it Hers, taking your mind and dignity with Her when She leaves... How very exciting.


The answer to all of this lies with Me...


I now offer a unique experience where I will travel to your location, strut into your space and take what I want from you. Be it your self respect, anal virginity or willingness to submit to a Superior Being, it will be Mine. On the BDSM spectrum there is little left uncovered, just look through the fetishes I adore and about Me to see I am a reaction driven Woman. Your contorted face and writhing body is what does it for Me. I have all the tools I need and the mental capacity and imagination to use them. A science degree tends to come in handy when it comes to dynamic, lateral thinking and idea generation.



Booking Requirements

60min (minimum) - £150

90min - £220

120min - £280


Additional hours will be charged at £120/hour


Plus fuel in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire and Clyde areas

Equipment Available





50% deposit plus travel


Can't provide these? No session.

Portable Spank/Anal Bench

Tawse, floggers, canes

Rope bondage

Various Anal toys/Strap on

All cleaning/hygeine products

Condoms/lube for toys

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