Megara Furie

Glasgow Mistress, International Goddess, Owner of The Auld School

UK: 07526655457 International: +447526655457


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ronnie crichton - calls, texts, harrasses, promises gifts, they never appear. turned up for a session and then said he was going to bank and then texts to say he has to go help his brother... 07853006051



Richard the naughty schoolboy wannabe who constantly books and doesnt turn up 07746025486


MICHAEL from Newcastle (works in a bar on Osborne rd), pest to Megara - buys gifts to pay for sessions then cancels order, pretends to transfer money, books and cancels, harrasses by call/text - 07727917731


"Scott"                          07917371068                 Books for a strict mother scenario, then never shows up after confirming.  Has done this to every dom I know



"Collin"                         07747557153               Booked a session as a prank to deliberatley waste Akashas time.



"Sean"                           07745224969                idiot called and booked a double dom session appointment.  Once confronted on the phone he said he did not care if his number was put online as he would just change it and there are plenty other dommes to scam out there.


"Mark Caining"         07899993389                 Also his other number he uses is 07775736053, loves calling dommes and making appointment, but luckily most of us recognise his voice, pretend to book him in and then give him fake addresses.



"Michael Medical"     07570446121              Called for an appointment and once I informed him that he had called before and his name was michael, he got nervous, told me I was wrong and hung up. Funny that seeing as I have that number stored under Michael medical and have taken phone calls and bookings that you have not shown up for before.



"Caining prick "             07775736053                Called for an appointment, was very specific about not wanting a consultation beforehand and just wanted a severe caining.  He calls the next day to confirm then does not turn up for his appointment.  Prick.



"Jaroslaw "                     07738265166               Booked an appointment with Akasha then cancelled and text constant abuse    when I told him that NO SEXUAL SERVICES ARE ON OFFER!



Hardsports        Pest to Megara               07746595970


Paul                 Pest to Akasha               07706006835


Tom Wilson        Pest to Katinka              07800845235      Pest to Astrid


***new*** simon halliwell timewasting prick! 07827994916 aka joey evans who is a doorman in glasgow and harrasses by text and pretends to be in hospital. get a life prick face!



* No making appointments and constantly cancelling, re-scheduling, being a pest - one cancellation is allowed. any more than that and you will be barred


* No wasting my time


* No harrassing text messages, phone calls or emails


* No calling at silly hours


Follow these and I won't have to go to the trouble of listing you on here because frankly, that takes effort and if I have to list you here, you will have to go to a LOT more trouble to have yourself removed. Clear? Thought so.

The Pests...