Megara Furie

Glasgow Mistress, International Goddess, Owner of The Auld School

UK: 07526655457 International: +447526655457


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Double Domination

As you will know, Glasgow is saturated with Mistresses and it can be confusing to sort the fantastic from the fake. The best way to determine who you should see is by looking at how well respected They are by other Mistresses. Anyone can be a Dominatrix for X number of years but few have the ability to forge strong, trusting relationships with other Mistresses. Isn't that what you also seek? Someone with whom you can forge a long term, trusting relationship where you are able to relax as you leave yourself completely vulnerable and at the mercy of your Mistress?

To Me, this aspect is paramount and speaks volumes about their reputation and professionalism as most Mistresses worth their salt will only be associated with other professionals. Having been in this industry quite a few years now, I have built up an elite group of Colleagues and Friends, some of Whom have been around since the very beginning of the Glasgow scene.  I work with only elite craftsWomen who practise because they truly enjoy their work. Anyone I find to be less than professional I drop very quickly. If I wouldn't trust them with My body, I won't recommend them as people who can be trusted with yours. This will become apparent when you meet My friends in person.

Goddess Bellaa Rosso

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Mistress Lilith, an experienced Connoseouir of Perversion, has been My personal Mentor and Coach throughout My Domme career. Lilith is a brilliantly creative Woman who I am delighted to have joining Me in My studio one day a week. It is truly an honour for Me to host Lilith here so I will expect nothing but exceptional behaviour from any subs I allow to session with Us both.

Goddess Bellaa Rosso - A red haired ruffian and all round scoundrel. Bellaa will have you around Her twisted little finger before you can say 'oh god, mercy please, Mistress'.

A Woman of high protocol and although only on the pro scene for a few years, has already made a huge impact and built Herself a formidable reputation for sadism, manipulation and punishment.  

A session with Bellaa alone will be completely unforgettable - a double may just blow that pretty little mind of yours.

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