Megara Furie

Glasgow Mistress, International Goddess, Owner of The Auld School

UK: 07526655457 International: +447526655457


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Behind the domme...

I have always excelled in predominantly male working environments since My early teens...  Be it sport (I lift weights and enjoy martial arts training) or work. I know the male mind very well, like a familiar friend and I learned early on that in order to get ahead and get what I wanted I had to take control.

Working in forensics hardened My stomach and taught Me the limits of the human body - so fragile yet robust. Nothing shocks Me now. Travelling extensively, studying cultural nuances as I went along and facing some interesting challenges along the way strengthened My resolve and ability to get things done, My way, efficiently.


Naturally, this led Me to combine all of this, while adding a few other strings to My already extensive bow...



World reknowned Professional Dominatrix - Animal Lover - Trained Martial Artist - Global Goddess - Qualified Geological Scientist - Shock Junkie - Fashion Designer - Artist - Humiliator - Pervert - Purveyor of Fantasy and Pain


An Elite, Experienced and Trusted pair of hands with which to be guided and molded into the ideal subservient.




If you cannot make it to see Me in person due to distance or just being too chicken shit you can still see what  sadistic shit I get up to for My amusement

Simply go to to buy clips from the store of your favourite Glasgow Mistress...


Read more about your Mistress and what I like, plus dos, don'ts and advice for new and experienced subs alike in My interview with Jessica Dee and treat your cerebral cortex to My outspoken yet disturbingly wise blog over at


My Namesake...

Megara was one of The three Furies in Greek mythology. The Erinnyes (also spelled Erinyes) were "the Angry Ones", known as the Furies in Roman history. They were the feared avenging Goddesses in Greek and Roman mythology who were born from the falling drops of blood of Uranus (Sky) when he was mutilated by his son, the Titan Cronus.  

No prayer, no sacrifice, and no tears could move them, or protect the hapless object of their persecution.

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